August/September 2013

August/September issue

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Mahi- Mahi on the Island of Kauai

Mahi- Mahi on the Island of Kauai

I tightened the drag a bit, raised the slender wand and put an arc in it to provide shock resistance.  Up he came, a Dorado.

deep run hunt club richmond virginia 125 anniversay

Deep Run Hunt Club celebrates 125 years

In 2012, the Deep Run Hunt Club celebrated its 125th anniversary. The second oldest hunt in Virginia, Deep Run was organized in 1887 in Richmond.

The first-model Colt Paterson .44-caliber rifle that was presented to Valentin Canalizo, president of Mexico in 1844

VMI Museum Firearms Collection

The VMI Firearms Museum in Lexington, Virginia is founded in 1856 and has a collection that is full of rarities, artifacts, and antiques.

red bull youth america's cup san Francisco September 2013

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

For the first time in the history of the America’s Cup, young sailors are provided an opportunity to compete — The Red Bull Youth America’s…

the resort the carolina

Pinehurst, North Carolina

For more than a century, the village of Pinehurst tucked away in the Sandhills of North Carolina has reveled in a world of leisure activities.

contemporary hunters and their gun dogs

Contemporary Hunters and their Gun Dogs

Jesse Freidin’s work exploring the contemporary sporting world will be presented at the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia. June 5 to September 29, 2013.